Mar 14, 2009

How Would You Live Differently if You Knew You Only Had One Month to Live?

It's been almost a month since my quadruple bypass surgery. Since that time, I've had plenty of time to reflect, read, and reflect some more.

One of the questions I've been asking is, "How would I live my life if I knew I only had one month to live?" What would I be doing? Who would I be spending my time with? What would I do differently if I knew that I only had a short time left to live?

If I knew I only had one more month to live, I'd spend as much time as I could with the ones I love. I would want to be surrounded by my family and close friends. I would cherish and make the most of every moment I had with left with my loved ones.

I would also make sure that I settled all my debts - not just the financial kind, but more importantly, the people I've wronged and the people who've wronged me. I would seek out those whom I've wronged and would ask for forgiveness. I would do my part to restore those relationships.

I would make sure that my relationship with God was solid. I would make sure that I was right with God and that I did everything I could to seek and do God's will.

I'm pretty sure that my list would not be that much different than the way you would spend the last days of your life.

When we're finally faced with the finitude and the reality of our mortality, we do the things that matter the most.

And here's the thing - why wait until you have only one month left. Why not live the rest of your life spending time and investing in the things and people that matter the most. Because if you were to look at what takes up most of our time - work, careers, etc. - none of this stuff ultimately matters. It's all just crap.

Make the most of life. Life is a gift. Life is precious. You only get one shot at this life thing. Make the most of it. Invest your life in the things that truly matter.

Live as if you only had one month to live.


manon bradshaw said...

Every morning, I thank God for Ian, our son. Every day, I know that could be the last day. I don't live like I only have 1 month to live but one day...

Raventh said...

You should listen to by Tim McGraw, Live Like You Were Dying.

Here is a link to the music video.

It still makes me tear up when I hear it.