Apr 13, 2011

God's Favorite One

A friend jokingly asked me, "So, out of your four kids, who's your favorite? You've got to have a favorite."

To which I unhesitatingly replied, "Why that's easy...My favorite one of course!"

And we both laughed.

I have been thinking about what I told my friend and I am absolutely convinced I meant what I said.

Out of the four kids, the one I love the most is my favorite one.

But here's the thing: each one of them are my favorite one.

That is not a typo: each one is my favorite.

It's not that there's a certain amount of love I can give and the four of them share that love. Love doesn't work like that. When I love my children, I love them equally as if they were my absolute favorite ones. And that's the beauty of love. True love doesn't get divided into smaller parts...True love multiplies.

This is how God loves us. God loves us as if we were his favorite child in all of creation...because that's who we are to God.

So, you can go about each and every day knowing that you are the most favorite child of the Creator of the universe!!!

That's pretty darn awesome!!!

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