Aug 19, 2011

Vacation Adventures of the Kim Family - Part 1

The Kim's have been on vacation.

Thus far, it has been the best family vacation of all time!!!

We have spent the last several days at Rockaway Beach, OR in the Central Coast of Oregon. It is sooooooo beautiful there. We have spent long days at the beach flying a kite, playing in the sand, watching the waves, seeing the sun set. It has been so relaxing.

Rockaway Beach is a sleepy little town between Cannon Beach and Tillamook, Oregon.

We loved it here because there's nothing here except for a few shops and lots and lots of beaches.

We hung out mostly at a beach that's called Twin Rocks. With the exception of a dozen or so other residents and vacationers, we had the entire expanse of the beach to ourselves. It was so peaceful.

The only thing that took a little adjustment was that even though it was mid August, we had to wear our jackets and sweatshirts because it was in the mid 60's most of the time. But the sun was out and the beaches were amazingly beautiful and the winds made it perfect for flying a kite.

Although our condo was not on the beach, it was only a few blocks away.

Not bad for last minute changes.

We were supposed to meet up with our friends in Colorado at their condo but our friend's mom was recently diagnosed with cancer. Prayers are appreciated for "L" and her mom. Prayers for healing and for good results from the treatments.

We entertained the thought of going down to Cali but we decided to stick around in the Pacific Northwest since we are all new to this area. And we are so glad we did because this place is amazing!!!

Since we were only about 15 miles up the coast from Tillamook, we decided to go check out the Tillamook Cheese Factory. They have a self guided tour of the plant open every day.

The best part is the cheese tasting, ice cream shop, and the deli. The kids enjoyed watching the cheese production and packaging, and we all loved trying out the different amazing flavors of ice scream.

There is a decent deli at the guest center with very reasonably priced meals. If you are in the area, I highly recommend you checking out the place.

After several wonderful days, we made it back home for the night. But along the way, we had to take advantage of the no sales tax of Oregon so we made a stop at the outlet for some tax free back to school shopping at Seaside, Oregon.

We decided to take the 101 back home to Washington. This is some of the most beautiful drives in the country. You can't beat the natural beauty and the August sunshine. Here are some more random shots from the way home.

This has already been the best family vacation of all time. And the best part is that we are only half way through with our vacation.

Next, we will be hanging out at Leavenworth and then checking out Vancouver, Canada.

It's going to be a great few days.

p.s. - for anyone wondering why there are no pictures of Helen, she doesn't like to take pictures. But we will keep trying!!!

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