Sep 1, 2011

Hungry for Reflection

It's been a busy month...

  • Chicago - Leadership Summit
  • Central Oregon Coast and Vancouver, Canada - Vacation with family
  • Minneapolis - Fellowship of Presbyterians Gathering
  • and now, preparing to leave for Russia tomorrow morning
But more than being busy, God has been teaching me, revealing leadership truths to me, and challenging me in such ways that I feel like I've been trying to take a drink from a fire hose.

I am looking forward to some time in Russia to be alone so I can reflect and process what God has been showing me.

That's the thing about God's truths - they are not only for knowledge, but ultimately for transformation. 
What would be the point of knowing a bunch more about God if that knowledge doesn't translate into a changed me that can impact greater change for where and who I lead?

I covet your prayers as I leave for Moscow to teach at the Presbyterian Seminary there for a week.

I look forward to being home for a good stretch of time to launch our FOCUS groups and the fall ministries.

God is good.


1 comment:

teacher_deb said...

Funny how life gets going like locomotive and you learn and learn and learn but you have no time to process it all... I have felt like that lately...Hope your travel time gives you time to reflect and to understand WHAT it is you have been learning!