Jan 5, 2013

Don't Just Celebrate Epiphany Sunday...Be Christ's Manifestation to a Watching World

On Sunday January 6, Christians will be celebrating Epiphany Sunday.

Epiphany Sunday marks the end of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Epiphany literally means "Manifestation." It is the Sunday in which we remember and celebrate the manifestation and the revealing of the love of God for the world in his Son Jesus Christ.

On this Epiphany Sunday, I pray that our churches not only remember or celebrate.

I pray that the churches and Christians all over are about being God's manifestation of how much he loves our world by participating fully in the mission of Jesus Christ...that the light of Christ would shine into the dark and depressed places in our culture and our hearts, that the hope of Christ would reach into hopeless situations, and that the love of Christ would begin transforming our culture one heart at a time.

I pray that our churches are all about announcing the good news of Christ to every culture, and yes, to our neighbors across the street...that every human being would know how much God values them because of the way the church and her saints value people.

I pray that on this Epiphany Sunday, our churches will be all about demonstrating the light of Christ in a world that is searching for hope, seeking meaning, and desiring purpose.

Church, may Christ shine brightly on this Epiphany Sunday!

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