Feb 7, 2013

Still Not Supporting the Mariners...Just Making an Observation

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I did say I wasn't going to support the Mariners anymore.

I'm still not supporting the Mariners because they refuse to support our city and their fans by putting together a competitive team. The Mariners have the audacity to oppose Seattle getting an NBA team, put together last place teams, and raise ticket prices!

Not supporting these Mariners.

I'm just making an observation.

Folks in our neck of the woods are making a pretty big deal out of Felix Hernandez's seven year $175 million dollar new contract with the Mariners.

I'm glad they signed Felix to this deal.

It was the smart thing to do, and it was the right thing to do.

Felix is, by far, the best player on the team. He's been a Mariner all his career. He's been loyal to the Mariners. It's only right that the Mariners show him the same loyalty.

Besides, had the Mariners waited to play out the rest of Felix's two years remaining on his current contract to see what the market might pay him, the Mariners would have 1) created a contract circus, 2) mistreated one of their most loyal and without a doubt their only "star" player, 3) would have had to pay him much more in order to keep him.

This was the smart and right thing to do.

However, all this move does is to guarantee that the Mariners remain a last place team in the American West. The team hasn't improved one iota with this signing. We just guaranteed that we would not get worse. Could you imagine the Mariner's record without Felix? YIKES!!!

This is one of many things the Mariners need to do to improve. This may even been the first thing the Mariners needed to do this off season.

The fact is, the starting rotation still needs at least two more players, the bullpen needs middle inning relievers, and a proven closer.

Don't even get me started on the offense!!! The Mariners still have the worst offense in the division. The Mariners still have no lead off bat, no threat in the the meat of the line up, no threat in the middle of the line up.

So good job for not getting worse.

Now, do the rest of the work and fill out the team and start working on improving the team. You can bet the A's, Angels, and the Rangers are.  

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