Jun 4, 2013

I Want to Be Asked

Remember in elementary school when they used to line us up on opposite sides of the cafeteria - boys on one side and the girls on the other? Then they would instruct the girls to go over and pick out their boys to dance with.

No boy wanted to be the last boy chosen.

God forbid. No one asked and you had to dance with the teacher because she was the only one left.

Every single boy wanted to be asked.

There's something that is quite affirming about being asked.

1 Peter 3:15 says, "Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that is in you."

One of the interesting things about this verse is that the Bible assumes that Christ-followers and the church would live a life that is so different than everyone else that:
1. they would notice that the life of Christians are lived differently
2. the difference would be so remarkable and hopeful that they would enquire of the source of hope

The Bible assumes that the Christian life is supposed to be different...so different that others would notice and would ask Christians of the reason for the difference.

So let me ask you.

When's the last time anyone asked you to give them the reason for your hope?

When's the last time anyone noticed that the people gathering at church do life so differently that they can't help but notice and be intrigued that they would ask for the source of our hope?

The issue in our world today is that the values of the churchgoing people are so much like everyone else that you can hardly notice a difference.

The simple fact is that Christians are supposed to be different. We're not supposed to be like everyone else.

How we manage our money, our time, our sexual ethic, our hopes and dreams, how we treat others, how we invest in others, etc. - it's supposed to be different.

Our lives ought to point people to Christ.

God, I pray that I can live in such a way that draws people to you. Help me to live a life that causes others to wonder about you.

God help our church to live in such a way our community can't help but notice the difference you are making. 

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