Sep 11, 2013

How Can We Best Remember 9/11?

Image Borrowed from National Geographic

This date will never be the same.

I was on my way to work and the radio announcers were trying to make sense of what just happened when the first plane crashed into the Twin Towers.

A few minutes later, the radio announcers said that another plane had hit the Twin Towers.

This wasn't an accident.

This was an act of terror.

By the time I got to the church office we were all gathered around a television numbed by the shock and horror of what we were seeing. It looked surreal. It look like a scene out of a movie. This shouldn't be on the news!

This morning as I was driving to the office, I heard a radio broadcast of the announcers reacting to the events unfolding that day. Hearing the shock and dismay of the announcers from 9/11 brought back a flood of emotions. I found myself tearing up and then feeling a sense of rage against the cowards who intentionally targeted civilians.

The rage and hatred against the evil perpetrated by the terrorists that day was as real and visceral today as it was on that day.

But here's the thing. If we respond to evil and hatred with more evil and more hatred, we lose. America and all she stands for loses. Honor loses. Goodness loses. Virtue loses. Freedom loses.

For those who truly hate and despise evil must never allow evil to stop us from choosing the good, from serving others, from toiling for peace. For the moment we give up on choosing the good, evil triumphs.

America, choose the good. Serve those less fortunate. Never cease in working for peace.

Remember 9/11.
Image Borrowed from National Geographic

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