Sep 7, 2007

Idolatry of Schedule

Be it resolved that I will no longer bow to the false god of schedule.

Be it resolved that I will only invest time in activities that are helping me and my family become the people we are striving to be.

This year's schedule has been absolutely nuts. Just as the kids started school, Kaitlin and Karis also started softball. That would be fine, but this was on top of their church activities, piano lessons, girl scouts for Karis, Kaitlin, and Kailey which all meet on different days, and flute for Karis. Kaitlin's softball practices are on Mondays and Wednesdays, and Karis' softball practices were on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Kaitlin's softball games were on Friday, and Karis' softball games were on Saturday.

This means we were doing softball six nights out of the week. And this didn't even include any of the other activities that the girls were already doing.

This is nuts!

Why do we invest time on activities that are not helping to shape the girls into becoming the people we want them to be?

Why do we waste time on things that are not helping us become the people we want to be.

This is crazy!

And to make matters worse, the entire family was miserable by this schedule. We were arguing more. We were mean to each other more. All because the crazy schedule did not allow for genuine relationship. And we actually paid good money for us to be this unhappy! Go figure.

Church is non-negotiable. There is no other activity that the girls do that will help shape their character than being involved with a great church.

Girl scouts is something that is helping them build character.

As our calendars get full and crazy, I think this is a must question for everyone to ask: why do you invest time and energy on things that are not helping you become the person you want to be?

Because when we fail to ask this question, schedule becomes a false idol and it drives us from spending time on the most necessary things. And I can tell you by experience that this false god will drive you and your family crazy.

Cut it out. Cut out the things that are wasting your time. And invest wisely. Everyone is given the same 24 hours. Nothing more and nothing less. We can say no to the idol of a foolish schedule.

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh, good perspective and great reminder! I hope I can keep this in mind as my little one gets older and more involved -- I pray we will not become obsessed and consumed by 'seemingly important' time wasters!