Sep 26, 2007

What Does It Mean to Be the Body of Christ?

How is it that our life together as the body of Christ is so fragile?

How can it be that our relationship with one another as brothers and sisters bound by the blood of Jesus Christ can be hanging by a thread?

I find it amazing that a person can have a half a million transactions with people in the church, but if one out of the hundreds and one thousands of transactions go awry, the relationship is essentially broken. Not only with the particular individual, but also with the church.

How can our bond be so shallow? How can our commitment to reconciliation, to peace, to humility be so quickly forgotten because someone has offended us?

Is church really all about an ego-satisfying, self-affirming, self-gratifying trip?

Christian! Our commitment to Christ calls for our commitment to one another. Like it or not, we are the body of Christ. And the world is watching to see if there is any difference in us. No wonder, the world looks at the church with disdain.

We can do better. We must do better.

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