May 21, 2008

Assimilate People in God's Ministry

Every single person has an innate sense that we were created and put here on earth for a purpose. Whether people can articulate it or not, everyone ones their lives to make a difference. We know to the core of our being that our breathing, living, and dying has to mean something.

This means that every single person who is drawn to Christ, welcomed in Christ, and connected in Christ's family must be assimilated into Christ's ministry.

It is the task of the leader to help those who have been drawn, welcomed, and connected to Christ's church to get into the ministry and mission for which they were created.

If a person doesn't get involved in serving and giving, that person will never grow in faith. There is no way to grow as a Christian without investing one's life in the ministry and the mission of Jesus Christ.

Leaders ought to make it as simple as possible for someone to find their ministry.

If one does not get assimilated in God's ministry, that person will always remain in the periphery of the ministry. There is a window of opportunity to engage people in ministry. Most experts say you have 7-10 weeks to help someone get assimilated once they are drawn into the church.

The question to be asked is - what pathways do you have to help someone get involved in ministry?

If someone were to ask the question, "How does one become a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ?" would we know how to answer that question?

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