May 12, 2008

Redemptive Potential

When Jesus died on the cross, descended into hell, and rose again from the dead, He gave to every Christ-follower and every church unimaginable redemptive potential. How else can we understand the growth of the church against persecution, complacency, bad leadership, and a host of reasons why the church should have folded its doors.

But here's the thing - every church and everyone of us should be asking if we are living into the full redemptive potential in our lives and in our churches. And if not, we need to know why. And then do everything we can to correct and rectify that situation because so much is at stake.

If we do this church thing right, if we do this Christian life thing right, I believe we will see and experience and revolution, a revival, a reformation the likes of which the world has never seen before. I believe that God could radically change the world though a people who live into their God-given redemptive potential.

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