Aug 16, 2009

Amazing God - Amazing Mac

Had a great weekend relaxing and playing with my family at Possum Kingdom Lake. I had not realized how nice it would be in a place where there was no wireless signal.

I think that's interesting that my Blackberry receives a signal in the middle of Siberia and in the jungles of Uganda, but there I could not get a signal in Possum Kingdom Lake. Maybe that was intentional.

I rode my bike there because I accidently double booked the new Form of Government Task Force meeting with our family vacation time at the lake house. So the family went up early and I joined them for the last day and half at the lake.

The ride home was beautiful - wide open Texas country roads with sweeping views. And then, I made it Denton and got on I-35 to get to the office while my family continued on to our home.

The day was going beautifully, until two sudden bumps on the road, and the next thing I see is my briefcase tumbling on the freeway in the middle of traffic...and then poof! A car had hit the briefcase and my Bible, a book, and Franklin Covey planner were strewn about the entire freeway.

I raced my bike to the side of the freeway and ran back to what was remaining of the briefcase.

And here's the thing - I lost Bible with all my sermon notes (sorry God), my Franklin Covey planner, and a book, but everything else made it - my mac book laptop, the kindle, and my journal!

God is good!

Amazing God and Amazing Mac.

I love this thing, and I love God!

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