Aug 19, 2009

The Right Questions for Ministry in a Post-Modern World

People today come to know Christ through involvement in a cause that makes a difference or in a community of people that impacts their lives, and not through the acceptance of some creeds or confessions.

Yet if you were to look at most of the church's strategy to share people Christ with others, it still assumes the that what we need people to do is to believe the right things about God and Jesus Christ. While beliefs are certainly important, if the primary ways in which this generation of people are coming to know Christ is through causes and through community, shouldn't most of our effort be poured into being engaged in with the community in causes that are alleviating suffering in the world, and with creating genuine and authentic communities?

How do we break free from the need to produce a "great" weekend experience and free our leadership to be engaged more in thinking about how we can mobilize the church of Jesus Christ to be the leader in the world and in the community to alleviating suffering and in creating opportunities for genuine communities?

Don't have answers, but I think these are the right questions.

What do you think?

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