Oct 16, 2007

Your House and the White House

As we all know, the presidential race is heating up. And as we consider who we are going to vote for and why we support Obama, Hillary, Juliani, or Romney, whether we will vote for a republican or a democrat, we can't help but get caught up with the excitement or the disappointment with who wins the white house.

I believe that the presidential elections are important. I will take the time to study the candidate's positions and voting record. I will vote because I believe my vote matters. But even as powerful as the President of the United States is, I have more influence on my family's welfare than any president.

I am all for voting responsibly. I am all for voting with our conscience and voting for our morals. I believe all Americans have the privilege and the duty to do our part by voting for our candidates.

But if we are really interested in the welfare and the health of our great country, we need to be more concerned with what we do in our house rather than what takes place in the white house. When we build Godly families, when we build Godly marriages, and when we raise Godly children, the collective of all our homes will result in a great and Godly nation.

I challenge you to be more concerned about the welfare and the Godliness of your homes than you are for the next election.
  • Study the health of your spouse.
  • Study the spiritual wellbeing of your children.
  • Make sure that in the only house which you have control over, that God and God's will presides over everything you do.
America is great when Americans are great. You cannot separate the two. Our president will be a reflection of who we are as citizens. And America will be a great Godly nation when we all do our part to build Godly Americans.

So do your part. Get to church. Pray together. Love one another. And build up Godly families.

I think Barbara Bush has it right when she told the graduating class at Wellsley College, "The health of this great country will not be primarily determined by what happens in the White House, but rather by what happens at your house."

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