Jan 4, 2009

Kaleb Update Sunday

Thank you all for praying for Kaleb.

Kaleb is home now. We are so glad to be home so we can all rest. If you want to rest, the hospital is the last place for that. The nurses and staff come in constantly and make it almost impossible to rest.

We are so happy to see Kaleb home.

But he is not completely out of the woods yet. Please keep praying for Kaleb.

We ask for your prayers that the antibiotic continues to do its work. If the antibiotic doesn't work, we will have to go back to the hospital and surgery is likely. We want to avoid this. If the abscess is not reduced and healed by the antibiotic, they will have to surgically drain the abscess and remove it.

Another thing we ask for your prayers for is that Kaleb is able to take the antibiotic. It is one of the worst tasting thing I've ever tasted. Kaleb hates medicine time and he has to take this for the next two weeks, three times a day. Pray that this goes well.

Finally, pray for our girls. They've been great through this whole time, but Helen and I feel bad about their last week of winter break where we've been focused on Kaleb.

Thank you again for all prayers.

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