Jan 12, 2009

Thank God for tingling Toes


What an incredibly crazy insane month it's been.

Along with the regular Christmas and New Year's business, in the last three weeks:
- there's been two funerals; one of them being a suicide of a young man who was to go to the seminary to become an army chaplain
- there's been two miscarriages; one of them being my sister
- one wedding
- and then my son was hospitalized for four days.

I thought I was handling the stress of all this pretty good. But in the last couple of weeks my big toe on my right foot started tingling. Everyone on my mom's side of the family are diabetic and I remember them complaining about tingling feet. So I went to the doctor for a check up to see what the tingling feet is all about.

Well, I come to find out that I am a diabetic with hypertension with high cholesterol with kidney problems. My numbers were so high that the doctor wanted to hospitalize me to normalize my numbers. Craziness!

I don't know whether to laugh or cry whenever the doctors see my chart and their first response is, "Whoa!"

You know something's not quite right when the doctor calls you and asks you if you're feeling okay.

What this meas is that my life must change. My eating habits must change. My exercise habits must change. My work habits must change.

All in all, I know that God is in control. And I must be a better steward of the body God has given me.

Thank God for tingling toes.

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Raventh said...

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