Jan 17, 2012

Audacious Dreams

The only guarantees in life is that we will all die and that God's will will be accomplished.

That's it.

Those are the only sure bets there are in the world.

God has me as the lead pastor at the Little Church on the Prairie.

I believe that God wants to use me so that he can use the ministry of LCOP to fill the church many times over with:

  • Lost people who have found their place in Jesus Christ, 
  • People with hopeless addictions who have been set free by the Spirit of God. 
  • A church filled with people whose marriages were on the rocks and on the verge of divorce who are thriving in marriage because God intervened. 
  • With people, young and old who are becoming fully alive as they discover and live into God's purpose and plan for their lives.
I believe God wants to use LCOP to bring about a radical change in Lakewood, that there would be hundreds and thousands of people who are living their lives with passion and purpose because of what God is doing through the people and the ministry of Jesus Christ through LCOP. 

I believe this is why God's called me. And I will do everything I can to make this belief a reality.

But there's no guarantee that this is what God wants. I only believe it to be so.

The only guarantees in life is that we will all die and that God's will will be accomplished. 

I choose to live my life and lead LCOP as if God's vision for this church is to grow God's kingdom. 

This is my belief because what are my other choices? That God brought me here to lead the church to continued oblivion? That God brought me here to help this church continue to get older and die with dignity?

If that's God's will, it will be accomplished. 

But in the mean time, I will continue to lead and cast vision as if God wants to use LCOP to impact the city of Lakewood. 

I will do this because I would rather fail miserably for having attempted something awesome for God than succeed in accomplishing things that I could have done on my own.

I choose to attempt great things for God.

I choose to see the city of Lakewood changed because of Jesus.

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teacher_deb said...

James, I can only imagine what it must feel like to be in the situation you are in at LCOP.There are so many people who are going on to be with God each month that it takes a toll on the clergy staff. God has placed Cheryl here with all her caring and grace to help with that, but still it must seem overwhelming at times. I know for sure that we all die and that God's will is done. I also know that life will always change and that change is a sure and constant thing. I beleive that IF God is in complete control of my life then the changes that I experience will be to His glory and will help to carry out his will. I believe that if we we put our complete trust in GOd and live a life guided by his example to us(his son Jesus) and live by His word as our blueprint for our lives, then we have done our very best to live our lives in accordance with HIs plans for us.