Jan 5, 2012

Praying for Success...

I posted a tweet this morning saying, "If you're not praying for success, what then are you praying for? What's the alternative? Praying for failure?"

I've had some interesting comments and conversations since then.

For some, it seems, the concept of success is...well, bad. Almost as if success is an ungodly thing.

But our hangup with success our issue or is it a Biblical issue.

The Bible doesn't have issues with success.

Of course God wants his church to succeed.

Of course God wants his children to be fruitful.

The entire reason why God was angry with the Jews in the Old Testament is that they would not bear fruit.

I'm not talking about God blessing the Seahawks, or helping me win the lottery, etc.

God desires for his children to live in his will. And I believe God wants us to be extraordinarily successful in living out the will of God.

So go ahead, pray for success.

  • Pray that God will allow your ministry to thrive. 
  • Pray that God will help your people to be wildly successful as a Godly dad, mom, husband, wife. 
  • Pray that God will help our children and youth to grow up to be leaders and wildly successful in living out the fulness of life that God offers in his son, Jesus Christ.

Pray for success.

Pray for the success of your church.

What's the alternative?

Praying that our churches fail?

No way!

If we trust that God has a plan and purpose for our churches and our lives, we pray that God's will be successful in our lives.

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