Apr 7, 2012

Linchpins, Supporters, Leeches...

In his book, Insubordinate, Seth Godin says that there are three kinds of people:

  1. Linchpins
  2. Supporters
  3. Leeches, Advocates for the Devil, and Bystanders
  • the ones who make a difference
  • rare ones who truly make and impact
  • this group of people changes everything
  • eager, willing to help, admire the work the linchpin is doing
  • they supply leverage or money or just a smile to help get the job done
  • they challenge the linchpin to do more, dig deeper, and make an even bigger difference
  • pessimists, obstructionists, and the protectors of the status quo
  • driven by fear
  • they slow you down, whittle you down, and average you down
  • they don't learn because they choose to be where they are
  • they end up here because their lizard brain gets so freaked out that they don't really have a chance to be different
Godin says, "Avoid them (leeches). Like potholes in an otherwise smooth road, it's just easier to drive around them."


moira eicholtz said...

You read some strange books.

Mr."B" said...

A variation on the three types in most volunteer organizations:

The People that Make things happen

The People the Watch things happen

And The People that say” What Happened”