May 11, 2012

Giving People the Benefit of the Doubt - Sometimes What You See is Not What You See

There's a road I drive on everyday on my commute to the office.

Whenever the weather is nice (meaning any time it's not raining, temperatures don't matter, we're just looking for dry weather...this is after all the Pacific Northwest) I take my motorcycle to work.

As I near the office, this particular road has several businesses that...well...let's just say I wouldn't want to see anyone I know patronizing.

I was going home one day on my bike when I noticed that something was flapping against my motorcycle helmet. When I reached up with my hand to find out what it was I realized that I had put my helmet on but I had not strapped the the chinstrap on the helmet. And since the freeway was only a few turns away I decided to pull over to the nearest place and remedy the flapping against my helmet situation.

When I finished strapping the helmet I looked up to see where I was...and wouldn't you know it...I was at one of these adult video places.

The first thought that was going through my mind was, "Oh, man! If anyone from church saw me and my motorcycle pulling out this parking lot!!!"

It would be almost impossible to miss the short big asian dude on the motorcycle. One quick look and anyone who knows me would know that that was me pulling out of that parking lot.

So here's the moral of the story. Sometimes what you see is not what you see. It's best to give people the benefit of the doubt before jumping to conclusions. 

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teacher_deb said...

Can you believe that place is RIGHT next to the driveway where I turn in to work at an Elementary School every day??? YIKES!
I DID NOT however, see you there recently!!! :)(Totally LOL right now!)