May 5, 2012

Desperately Seeking to Escape from an Either/Or Church

People prefer a either/or world.

Either/or world is much simpler to navigate. 
  • Either we are for democracy or we are not. 
  • Either we are fans of the Dallas Cowboys or we are not.
  • Either we are democrats or we are republicans.
Either/or worlds is much simpler to live in.

The only problem is few lives are so clearly either/or. 

We may be for democracy, but we may not like some of the things that our majority vote for. We may be republicans or democrats but there are things about our political parties that we don't like.

The tendency for either/or is alive and well in churches.

The evangelical wing of the church that I find myself in tends to be the holiness, righteousness, and truth advocating side. 

But when being right becomes more important than being gracious, no one outside the life of the church gives a rip whether the church is right or not. 

If the church can figure out how to be gracious and while being! That's when the church becomes the salt and light of the world.

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