May 10, 2012

How Old Does He Think I Am?!?!?!

Yup, she's a beauty!

That's my Yamaha Roadstar...1700cc's of awesomeness.

Kaleb (my 7 year old son) was admiring my bike in the garage as I was taking him to school in the morning the other day.

"Your bike is so cool dad," Kaleb said.

"You're right little man. I think so too," I said. "Are you going to get your own bike when you get older?"

To which he replied, "Nah. By the time I'm old enough to ride you're going to be like 90 years-old and way too old and weak to ride, so I'll just ride your bike."


Just how old does he think I am?!?!?!?!


David Roquemore said...

I hope your response was, "Sure, as soon as you have enough to buy this valuable antique bike from me."

James Kim said...

David, wasn't quick enough on my feet to say anything. I was chuckling thinking, this little guy thinks I'm 80 years old!

teacher_deb said...

Similar to the kids at school who wonder if I was alive when Abrham Lincoln was president! Cracks me up every time!!