Sep 25, 2012

So Full and Yet So Empty

How could it be that the modern life makes our lives so FULL, all the while our souls remain so EMPTY?

We are bombarded with images, messages, ads on Facebook, Google, Groupon, email, television, magazines, etc. saying, "Buy me, try me, taste me, love me, wear me."

On a typical day, the average American comes across about 5,000 ads a day.

Whether we may be cognizant of these ads or not, they are being registered by our brain.

Christian, unless you make the effort to set aside time and intentionally input God's truth into our minds and hearts, our lives will be full, while our souls remain starved and empty.

Only CHRIST can meet the longings of our soul.

Set aside time to read his truth - the Bible.

Set aside time to be quiet and silent - pray and listen.

Set aside time to reflect and re-orient yourself - worship him.

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