Sep 5, 2012

Book Review of the "Art of Pastoring" by William C Martin

The Art of Pastoring Contemplative ReflectionsThe Art of Pastoring Contemplative Reflections by William C. Martin
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I've read this book at least a dozen times. I have read it because it was recommended to me by someone I respect. 

I've used it as a part of my daily reflection. 

The book goes against pretty much everything I believe, everything I've read about leadership. There have been days when this book has challenged me, but most days the author just leaves me frustrated. Because the leadership he advocates is no leadership. 

Think of any movement, revival, revolution, cause. Every one of them was started and led by someone who was leading.

There is nothing that is accomplished without someone leading.

God always uses people. 

Things don't just happen. 

God makes things happen through people and their gifts and talents. 

That's why for me, this book only gets 1 out of 5 stars.

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