Apr 30, 2008

Being God's Witnesses

"He came as a witness to testify concerning that light, so that through him all men might believe" John 1:7.

We looked at this passage last time about what an incredible mission and honor God has given to each Christ-follower.

Today, I'd like for us to consider what the requirements of being God's witnesses.

First, in order to bear witness, we have to have a first-hand experience. We have to be eye-witnesses.

This is what I love about God. Before God allows us to ever testify and talk about His love, He says that we have to experience God's love. Before God allows us to talk about how wonderful He is, we have to first experience how wonderful God is. When we testify about things we did not experience, we are liars.

That's the beauty of God. He calls us to bear witness and testify only after we have been the recipients of His grace, mercy, provisions, and holiness.

Second, in order for us to bear witness, we must testify - we must tell others. The second requirement of God's witnesses is that we must speak. If I was riding in your car and witnessed someone smashing into your car, you would expect me to testify. In the same way, our lives have been incredibly touched by God's grace and mercy. And it is to be expected that we open our mouths and bear witness to that fact.

The third requirement for bearing witness is this. The Greek word for witness is martus. This is where we get the word martyr. The reality of God so alters our lives that nothing can ever change the fact that Jesus is Lord. Christian martyrs throughout the centuries went to their death proclaiming this truth. Caesar is not lord. No government or its leader is ever the lord. Only Jesus is Lord! And this is a truth that can't even be changed by death itself.

So, have you experienced God's love and mercy? Then tell the world!

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