Apr 23, 2008

Bonhoeffer - Costly Grace

The Christian life comes to mean nothing more than living in the world and as the world, in being no different from the world for the sake of grace. The upshot of it all is that my only duty as a Christian is to leave the world for an hour or so on a Sunday morning and go to church to be assured that my sins are all forgiven. I need no longer try to follow Christ, for cheap grace, the bitterest foe of discipleship, which true discipleship must loathe and detest, has freed me from that. (The Cost of Discipleship, p.51).

One of the primary reasons why many people reject Jesus Christ is because of Christ-followers. It's because our lives - when it comes to divorce, drugs, alcohol, marriage, finances, dating, sex, etc. - is no different than the people who do not know Jesus.

Listen up. Just past this week, I had a conversation with teen-ager who asked me, why should I listen? Why should I follow Jesus Christ? Why should I live this way? I know people who’ve been going to this church for years who are potheads.

Please. Just obey. Do life God’s way. Show yourself to be a Christ-follower through your obedience. Of all people, we must lead the way in showing the world what difference Jesus makes.

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