Sep 10, 2008

Biggest Hindrance to Christianity - Christians

In the book Unchristian, the authors asked both self-professed born-again Christians and those who are unchurched to identify their activities over the previous 30 days. And here’s what they found. When asked to identify their activities over the last 30 days, born-again Christians were just as likely to…
• Bet or gamble
• Visit a pornographic web site
• Take something that didn’t belong to them
• Consult a medium or psychic
• Physically fight or abuse someone
• To have consumed enough alcohol to be legally drunk
• Use a non-prescription illegal drug
• Say something untrue
• Get back at someone for what they did or said
• Say mean things behind someone’s back.

NO DIFFERENCE – they found no statistical difference.

In the areas where they did find differences it was in things like: Self-professed born again Christians were much more likely to…
• Own their own bibles
• Tithe
• Attend a weekend service
• Belong to a Bible Study

This is the reason why 84% of unchurched say they know a Christian personally but only 15% said they can see a life style difference in them.

Bottom line – Christ-followers are not doing a very good job of demonstrating the glory of Jesus Christ. Let alone, helping others find their way to Jesus, the sad truth is that, Christians are the biggest hindrance to others finding Jesus Christ.

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