Sep 24, 2008

Dryer Vent Pipe Thing

For the past week, my wife has been complaining that our dryer hasn't been drying. Not only that, whenever we would run the machine, it would make our laundry room unbearably hot.

I checked and cleaned out the filter and still we were having the same problems.

I pulled the machine out and got to the dryer vent pipe thing (as you can see I am very handy around the house). When I got the thing open, I could see clearly the reason why our dryer wasn't drying clothes and blowing hot air into the laundry room. There was a dust ball the size of a cantaloupe blocking the air in the pipe.

I cleaned it out and I am happy to report that the dryer is working fine now and the laundry room is not as hot as it used to be.

Here's the thing about the dust hair ball thing I pulled out from the dryer vent pipe thing.

Dust particles on their own couldn't have ever formed into a giant dust fur ball like that.

Hair on its own couldn't have ever blocked the vent pipe.

But when enough dust particles and hair got together we had a cantaloupe size blockage.

I think that's the way it is with us. Most of have a little sin here and a little sin there. I don't thing God cares about the size of the sins. To God sin is a sin. But when I say little sin, I am referring to the relational impact it makes in our lives. Very few of us commit the big sins - murder, rape, adultery, etc - that majorly impact our relationships and that lead to massive consequences.

For the most of us it's the little sins - gossiping here, lusting here, stealing time at work by not giving our best, etc. On its own they have the consequence may not be that huge. But in time our habits and shortcomings in character have a tendency to turn into a giant fur/dust ball. And pretty soon, if these sins persist, our relationships start hemorrhaging, our relationship to God becomes dull, we don't sense the presence of God, our life becomes joyless, we prefer the darkness.

This doesn't happen over night. It is the result of habitual rebellion and unwillingness to deal with our character.

So when's the last time you checked your heart vent pipe thing? Spend some time with God in an honest conversation and come clean. And start working on that character thing.
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