Sep 26, 2008

Vows vs Contract

I've been preparing the next sermon series called "I Do". God's understanding of Marriage.

Everyone of us who got married in the church took a vow before God and His people. We took a vow. We did not enter into a contractual agreement - we took a vow. There is a huge difference.

A contractual agreement says, "I'm in as long as my contractual partner continues to meet these contractual agreements."

When one takes a vow, that's an entirely different thing.

When a soldier takes a vow to protect our country and our constitution, he/she takes a vow to obey the orders of the commanding officer.

When the order is to go fight - it don't matter whether you want to fight or not. You go fight.

When the command is given to stand guard and stand your ground - it don't matter whether you're tired or if you feel like sleeping in - if the order is to stand your ground, you stand guard.

The order and command from our commanding officer, Jesus Christ, is to love our wives as Christ loves the church even giving up His life for her. That's our order.

And we can't act like this is something new for us. We took a vow. Our vows were for sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, no matter what else happens in life, I do take this person to be my wife/husband till death.

That's the vow. That's our order. Now it's time for Christ-followers to follow and obey.


Adam Copeland said...

You may want to check on a Call To Worship volume last year, or the year before, entirely on marriage.

Also, the Companion to the Book of Common Worship has a chapter on it. These are worship-related, but theological too.

James said...

Thanks Adam. Will do.