Sep 15, 2010

Taking Care of Those Can't Take Care of Themselves - A Virtue or Curse?

I read a phrase today that's got me thinking: Take care of those who can't take care of themselves; that is my duty as an American.

I find this phrase interesting because it will either keep our country great, or it will destroy our country. And it all depends on who's saying it.

One of the things that makes America great are virtues like this - that we really are a people who are going to do our best to take care of one another, that we will not leave anyone behind, that we want to give everyone the opportunity to stand on their own two feet and make it on their own. This is virtue at its best. This is what makes America so strong, so good.

At the same time, if this is what is expected from those who are on the receiving end of this, it creates an  entitlement culture. And should that be the case, where everyone believes that they ought to be taken care of by others, such a self-understanding will destroy this or any country.

What makes America so great and so good is that its people have been ones who have strived to be on the giving end of this statement. And as long as we continue that, even when we fall on hard times, together we will be a strong and good country.

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tulip1810 said...

Thanks for sharing, I agree we are here to at least try and make a difference in other people's lives. We were created to serve. To help the handicapped or the elderly, we have the tools why not use them. Thanks Again. Mona