Nov 28, 2010

Make a Difference. Love Others. Love God.

Three principles to live by: Make a difference. Love others. Love God.

Make a difference. Life is way too short and precious to live aimlessly. Don’t just count the days; make your days count. Because Jesus is in you, wherever you are, it ought to be a better place after you’ve been there because Jesus was there. So go ahead, get off your rear ends and serve, give, make a difference.

Love others.  Live your life in such a way that the people around you know that they are loved. Life can be incredibly hard. Life really hurts sometimes. And if we are alone in those times, life is all but impossible to bear. That's why we have each other. That's why God gave the gift of people. Live your life in such a way that the loved ones around us know without a shadow of doubt that they are loved.

Love God. Living a life that's making a difference and loving people doesn't just happen. These things happen because God is the source and the genesis of living life with purpose. So every time we call someone to see how they're doing, every time we volunteer, every time we write a note or email of encouragement, it's not just people we are serving. In all these things, what what we're really doing is loving on Jesus and serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through serving others.

Make a difference. 

Love others.

Love God.

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