Nov 23, 2010

Pastor Roman - Get a Bible. Read it. And then Do What It Says

Roman was riding on the Moscow Subway after the collapse of the Soviet Union when he was handed a gospel tract. He started reading the tract and the truth about Jesus pierced his heart. Before he realized what was happening, he was praying the prayer at the back of the tract and received Jesus Christ into his heart as Lord and Savior.

What he discovered about Jesus was so wonderful, he gave the gospel tract to one of his friends who read it, prayed the prayer in the back and received Jesus into his life.

He passed the gospel tract to another who received Jesus into her life and who passed the tract to another.

After five of them accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, they all came to Roman and said, "You gave us the tract, you're our pastor. What should we do now?"

That's how Roman became a pastor. The call literally came to him!

So what would these newly converted Christians do?

Roman knew this much - They should get a Bible. They should read the Bible. And then they should do their best to do what the Bible says.

I love that!

That's what Christians do.

That's how Pastor Roman's church was started.

And they continue to do today what they did from day one - Get a Bible. Read the Bible. And then do what the Bible says.

So simple, and yet we in America have made following Jesus so complicated.

What a great reminder and encouragement from our Russian Christian sisters and brothers.

Church - Go get a Bible. Read it. And then do what the Bible says!

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