Oct 26, 2011

Daily Reading of God's Word - Why?

Only God Can Make Colors Like This - Pic I took with my G2x Phone
Most Christians know that they ought to read the Bible on a regular basis.

And most of us who have been doing this Christianity thing have had every good intention to read through the Bible.

But the thing is that once we get going, well....honestly....the Bible can seem pretty boring, and on top of that it can be pretty confusing.

Have you read Leviticus lately?

If you've never read the Bible, my recommendation is that folks start with one of the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John).

Spend some good time reading through the story of Jesus and familiarizing yourself with Jesus.

After the gospels, spend some time reading through the Psalms and the other New Testament texts before trying to tackle the Old Testament.

Daily reading of the Bible is essential for Christians, not necessarily because of the information it passes to its readers but because reading the Bible daily reorients our lives to what God has been doing throughout history. Daily reading of the Bible helps to remind us of how our lives fit into the story of God.

It is this daily exposure to the word of God that helps us to start seeing this world of ours in the proper perspective.

So I hope that you will get to it and start reading God's story and how your life fits into God's grand narrative.

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