Oct 7, 2011

Wisdom is Hindsight in Advance

I love hindsight. It's always right. It's always so clear.

I love hindsight.

The only problem of course is that hindsight is only available after the fact.

As we go through life, there are occasions when decisions have to be made but the clarity of what decision needs to be made is as clear as mud.

Many things will have to be considered. And each has their merit.

  • grace
  • justice
  • holiness
  • obedience to scripture
  • love
  • circumstances
  • timing
  • truth
  • ambiguity
  • what's best for the individual
  • what's best for the community
And the more of these that need to be considered, the more complicated the decision becomes.

So what is one to do in such circumstances?

In situations of ambiguity, in situations of confusion, and even in situations of clarity, the best decision and the only decision that Christians are to make is do what the Bible says. Obedience to God as we obey scripture may not be convenient, easy, popular, but it will always lead to abundant life. 

In this way, obedience to God and scripture is hindsight in advance. Do what God tells you to do as revealed in scripture, and it will lead to abundant life.

That's wisdom...hindsight in advance.

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