Oct 8, 2011

Giving and Doing our Best

I love sports.

Ever since I was a kid, anything that was outdoors, or anything involving a ball, I was game.

Growing up, I played baseball, basketball, volleyball, football, tennis, wrestled, ran track.

I love sports.

Now that I am a dad, I get to enjoy my children's involvement in sports.

Karis played softball and basketball.

Kaitlin runs track, and cross country, and is a stud gymnast.

Kaleb thus far has played baseball and now is loving soccer.

Here's what I tell my kids. "I don't care if your team wins or loses, or even if you score a goal. What I do care about is that every time you are on the field, you give your absolute best. If you try your hardest, I can live with any outcome. However, even if you win, if I do not see you trying your best and giving your best, daddy will be disappointed."

As I look at our relationship with God, I think this is how God must feel about us and his church.

The results are completely up to him.

God will not hold any of us accountable for church growth or numerical gains. What God will hold everyone of us accountable for is that as long as God has us on this earth breathing and living, God expects us to give our absolute best to him.

What pleases God is not necessarily the results, but our best efforts and us giving our best to the things that matter to him.

And this, giving our best, is something that everyone of us can do.

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