Dec 15, 2011

A Taste of Eternity...Lessons Learned from Momma Maggie

Momma Maggie Speaking at the Leadership Summit (Picture borrowed from Willow Creek Site)
Reviewing my notes from the Leadership Summit from this past summer, I was reminded of the necessity of the reflective life.

Momma Maggie, a Coptic Christian nun who serves the poor of Cairo, Egypt, was the highlight of an incredibly motivating conference.

Here's a portion of what she said.

The hardest task of a leader is to get to know the Almighty and to keep your heart pure. One way to do that is through the practice of silence. There you discover a taste of eternity.

Silence your body to listen to your words.
Silence your tongue to listen to your thoughts.
Silence your thoughts to listen to your heart.
Silence your heart to listen to your spirit.
Silence your spirit to listen to His Spirit.

What moved the thousands of leaders gathered at the Summit was the reality in this diminutive woman, there was a person who had a connection with God in ways that none of us there had experienced. And we all wanted what she had with God.

The practice of tasting eternity...

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Anonymous said...

I don't think she is a nun, but is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. What you saw at the Conference is what you get. I have had he honor of visiting her ministry in Cairo and it is phenominal! She doesn't walk, she floats down stairs. I am floored with humility and her quiet, strong spirit. God bless Mama Maggie and Stephens Children.