Dec 6, 2011

Running On Empty No More

Things have been pretty chaotic and stressful lately.

  • We are in the negotiation processes with a candidate for the associate pastor position at LCOP
  • We are finding solutions to possible financial realities facing LCOP
  • I am trying to come to terms with what those financial realities mean for my leadership
  • It's Advent season
  • My health issues are getting worse, not getting better
  • We are preparing to launch a new worship ministry, a young adult ministry, visitor/welcoming ministry
  • We are preparing for the next trimester of the FOCUS small group ministry
There's a lot going on.

As I have been trying to lead through all this, I realize that I have not been leading myself very well lately. I have allowed my business to overtake my spiritual/emotional well being. I have been running more and more on fumes. My spiritual and emotional tanks are empty. And if I don't take some healthy measures to replenish my tanks, I will burn out.

Some signs that I have not been managing my emotional/spiritual tank:
  • I was up most of the night, tossing and turning and worrying. Even after praying and literally handing things over to God, I find myself stressed and unable to sleep
  • I feel stressed during the day
  • The joy and passion of leadership are waning and giving into depression and stress
  • I am more irritable 
None of these things are healthy or Godly.

It's not enough to pray and hand things over to God. I need to do those things through which God feeds me and encourages me. For without those things, I will burn out.

So what are the things/activities/people that God uses to fill me? How will I go about refueling?

Here are the things that fuel my emotional/spiritual tank.

  • Journaling
  • Reading
  • Blogging
  • Family Time
  • Exercise
  • Motorcycle
I haven't been doing much of these things for several weeks now.

That's going to change starting today.

How about you? How are you doing? Do you like who you are becoming these days?

What are your daily spiritual and emotional replenishment strategies? 


teacher_deb said...

I too have felt the pull of stress on my life. moving my mother to a care facility was SO HARD!! Not just moving her but the emotional turbulence that that envolved.. with a brother who wants to bury his head in the sand, not much help, a cousin who had been a care giver for mom, being very very mad at me for making the call to move her. I looked in the mirror and decided that the stressed out person looking back was NOT who I
wanted to be. I have been totally stressed at school/ work because I am trying to do too many things. Librarian, Reading teacher technology coordinator...Those are allin my job discription but it has become overwhelming at times.. time to get out and WALK and to sew(create something) Just do something that reminds me to relax and BREATH! I totally feel You James!

James Kim said...


I hope you are making the time for yourself to refuel your soul and emotions. We're no good to anyone when we ourselves are burned out.

Appreciate you.

Now, go out and do those things that make you feel fully alive!

James <><