Dec 28, 2011

What Do You Do After You "Get Saved"?

The way some of us we live out our faith, we make it seem as if the only reason Jesus saves us is so God can save us.

We make salvation the ultimate purpose for the church and its ministry. We make salvation the ultimate goal for ourselves. 

As soon as someone "gets saved" some of us think, mission accomplished. Now, to the next one.

As much as we emphasize salvation, we only give lip service to what happens after a person "gets saved."

I think this entirely misses the point.

God's plan for salvation from the beginning of time was never about just saving us. 

God's plan for salvation has always been about relationship. 

When God thought about eternity, he couldn't imagine spending eternity without his children. And in order to ensure that he would have his children with him for ever, he sent his Son so that whosoever should believe in him will live with him forever.

It's always been about relationship.

One of my favorite verses in the Bible is Philippians 1:6 - "For I am confident of this very thing that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ."

This simple verse tells us two profound truths about God's plan for salvation:
1. God does not start anything that he does not bring to completion.
2. God does not save us in order to save us. Salvation has a purpose. We have been created to do good works. 

First, God began a good work in you and me. Part of that work includes God pursuing us with his love in order that we might respond to God's invitation to an everlasting life. And that work is not completed when we respond with an invitation to receive Christ as Lord and Savior. In fact, God's work continues as we begin living the life we were always meant to live. The ministry and the mission of God will continue until Christ comes again to reign and judge.

Secondly, we were created and redeemed for a purpose. And that purpose is to begin living the life we were always meant to live. We were created to carry on the work of God, the ministry of Christ. We were created and redeemed to do God's will. 

Look, good works cannot save us. Only the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus Christ can do that.

However, once we are saved, good works is what saved people do. That's the perfecting part. That's the good work that will continue until the day of Christ.

So church, let's show our world some awesome good works!!!


teacher_deb said...

Maybe the question is what do WE(the church body) do after someone gives thier life to Christ? Do we come along side and "be there" for that person? Do we offer our time to talk and /or just hang out with that person, to reassure, to let them know we Do understand struggles?(Maybe not the same struggles they have, but other struggles that we have had, that give us some perspective into feeling overwhelmed and unworthy of Jesus' love) So what ARE we as Christ's Body doing about that?

James Kim said...

Deb, I think you're right on. You're asking all the right questions.

James <><