Dec 17, 2011

What Great Churches and Great Restaurants Have In Common

A good church is like a good restaurant...the food, the service, the experience makes people want to come back for more.

Most bloggers and emergent types bristle against anything that smells and looks like an attractional church.

But lets face it...the simple truth if the Christian life and our Christian gatherings are not attractive to folks who don't know Christ, Christianity is dead. That's evangelism. That's how you share Christ with others.

If we're going to be about the mission of Jesus Christ, there's got to be something about our lives, our gatherings, our way of living and expressing the love of Christ that is astonishingly attractive to those who don't know Christ.

Our way of being and living out Christ ought to cause people to want to come back for more.

Just the way a great restaurant - through its food, its service, and the experience - causes people to want to come back for more, great churches - through its ministry, its worship, its way of life - have a way of causing people to want more.

So how's your church doing? 

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