Mar 19, 2012

"Coffee Out" Group - Israel Testimonies

The folks who went to Israel shared their testimonies and showed slides at the church today. It was good to hang out with the "Coffee Out" folks at lunch to reminisce and just to be together.

We named ourselves the "Coffee Out" group because that's the way our tour guide referred to restroom breaks as "Coffee Out" times. There's a time for coffee in, and then every needs to coffee out. The name kind of stuck.

This was my second time to Israel and I can tell you I am already ready to go back. There is so much to see.

Here's how I describe what the time in the Holy Land is like.

As a pastor I get to do quite a few home visitations. I love doing home visitations.

It's at people's homes that I get to see the pictures, how they've decorated their homes, the paintings on the wall, the things that people treasure, the smells, the sights. All these things help me to get a better understanding of the person. The more you hang out with someone, their surroundings, their smells, their sounds, their lives become more evident to you.

It's like that with the Bible and the Holy Land. As you walk the very grounds upon which God chose to enter into the history of the world, as you smell and see the sites of the places where Jesus walked and where the church was birthed, you can't help but get a deeper understanding of who God is and what his story through Jesus Christ was all about.

I hope that many of you who are reading this will have the opportunity to go and "taste and see" for yourselves what the "Coffee Out" group experienced.

The Little Church on the Prairie will be looking at getting another Holy Land tour going in the next year or two. If you are interested, please let the office know.


Katelyn said...

I loved hearing the testimonies. It made me want to go see it for myself. What a cool experience.

James Kim said...

Katelyn, I do hope that you will be able to go. It would be sooo awesome to have the experience of Israel for the remainder of your life in your service to God. It would be best to go as a young-adult, if you can make it happen.