Mar 4, 2012

It's a Family Home not a Boarding House

I have four children.

Three of them are teens.

Enough said.

Prayers appreciated.

Really, it's not bad. I have great kids. But even with great kids, there are times when daddy's got to put his foot down.

I need to make crystal clear that I am not their landlord.

I am also not just some nice guy who provides room and board and whatever else the kids may need when they need it.

I am not their bank.

I am their dad.

And part of being their dad means that my teens are not just boarders at my house. Part of what it means to receive my love, care, and provisions is that they must be a part of my family. They are not just guests who sleep and eat at the house at their leisure. They are a part of a family system.

As such, they must participate in family activities and share family duties. And they must like it!

Just kidding. My job is to make it so that kids would like hanging out with the family.

But that's what families do. They do life together. They share activities. They share responsibilities. They are in each other's lives.

It's time this daddy call a family meeting to recalibrate my family before things go out of whack.

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