Mar 20, 2012

Prairie Hall Renewal Project

Prairie Hall Renewal Project

I love change!

I'm all for change!

Just as you're the one changing.

So the story goes.

The Little Church on the Prairie will be moving the Contemporary Service into Prairie Hall starting on Easter. To facilitate the move, we will be having a painting party this coming Saturday.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the upcoming change in the venue of the Contemporary Service, please come join us at the painting party where Pastor Brad and I will be present to answer any questions you might have.

But for now, I will try to answer the two main questions being asked regarding this change.

1. I like worshiping in the sanctuary. Why are we moving the service into Prairie Hall?

As I shared a few weeks ago, I understand that there are some of you who prefer worshiping in the sanctuary. All we're asking for is that you give it a try for three months to see if you might not grow to appreciate the new worship setting.

The reason why we are moving the contemporary service into Prairie Hall is because it is better suited for a contemporary service than the sanctuary. 

We are hoping to create a worship environment where our folks would be happy to invite their non-Christian neighbors and friends to a casual, comfortable, open, and inviting setting where people can explore their faith and encounter Jesus Christ.

2. What about Fellowship?

We will continue to have the regular fellowship times as we've always had. Prairie Hall will have many different gathering sections.

                There will be a comfy sitting area around the fireplace with couches and chairs on a nice rug.
                There will be round tables with chairs as we currently have set up along the windows in Prairie Hall
                There will be standing coffee tables for which people can gather to talk and greet each other along the wall and in the hallway right outside Prairie Hall.

In the hallway outside Prairie Hall, there will be information tables for ministries, bible studies, and activities of the church. 

Please join us in prayer as we work together to build the type of church where God can minister even more new people.

Thank you all for your continued investment in the awesome ministry of Jesus Christ at the Little Church on the Prairie!

Pastor James <><

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Mr."B" said...

Separating what is eternal and will never change in the word and what is simply our own custom has always been a challenge for the church. When the church organ was introduced it was thought to have no place in the worship of God by many church leaders. Now some think it is the only way to worship. I wonder what church might look like 200 years.