Mar 7, 2012

An Irrational Sense of Destiny...What's that About?

There is a cry in each of our hearts and a longing in the human soul, when we get quiet enough or when we get alone enough, and when we get un-busy enough – there’s something in you and there’s something in me that can’t help but ask, “What is it for? What does it mean?”

And no matter what we do, and no matter what activities and toys we acquire, and no matter what we achieve, we can’t shake it. 

We all have an irrational sense of destiny, that we were created for a purpose, that there is ultimate meaning to this thing called life.
·      Every one of us longs to create a better life, a better future, a better us.
·      And when we surrender these dreams of living out our God-given destiny, we find ourselves drowning in despair. 

Because when we stop dreaming, we start dying.

Friends, you and I were created for a purpose. 

Our lives are supposed to count. 

How we live our lives matter. 

Your destiny lies in the heart of God. 

You were put here on the planet earth at this time, in your particular circumstance, so that God can love the people in your life. 

Live into your destiny.

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