Jun 5, 2012

Ingredients for Spiritual Maturity

There are two ingredients necessary for spiritual maturity: God's word and God's community.

There have been times when we believed that the one's who were closest to God were the desert monks and the contemplatives who remove themselves from people and community.

While times of isolation and quiet are necessary - especially in today's busy lives, we need to find quiet moments for ourselves and God - isolation cannot be the end all of times with God.

Quiet times with God must lead to making us more effective servants and ambassadors for Christ in relationship with other people.

To help us to grow in the faith, God has given to us his word to provide the truth we need to grow, and God has given to us his people to provide the support we need to grow.

If we apply ourselves to God's word regularly and regularly connect with other believers, we will learn to trust God even in the most difficult of circumstances.

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