Jun 6, 2012

Pace of Life that Honors God

My daughter has made the district finals for the 800m race for the past two years for her school district.

800m is a brutal race. For middle school girls the race is too long to sprint the entire way, and if your pace is too slow there is no chance of winning. You have to have a good start in the beginning of the pact, but you can't go too fast. You have to pace yourself at around 90% of your best pace for the rest of the race until the last 200m when you have to go full out!

It is a painful brutal race.

As I watch my daughter run track, it reminds me a lot of ministry.

Ministry is a life-long calling. But too many ministers run the race as if it were the 100m dash. 

While a good start is important, if you go too fast at the start, you've got nothing left to finish the race.

And we've all seen that way too many times in ministry leaders. Their pace is unsustainable. Their pace is unhealthy. And bad things happen. Ungodly things happen.

So let me say it loud and clear:


Giving your best to God also means giving your best to your family and friends. 

Giving God your best includes stewarding your body with a healthy diet, rest, and play that your body needs. 

Giving God your best includes maintaining a regular schedule of study.

Working at church and on church things 24/7 is ungodly. 

We were not created for such a pace.

And when we fool ourselves into thinking that we are more than human bad things happen.

For all our sake, and for the glory of God, please pace yourself for the long-haul. 

God called you to be a minister for the rest of your life. 

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