Jun 7, 2012

One of the Most Interesting Letters I've Ever Received

One of the things pastor types dread the most are letters addressed to the pastor with no return address.

You have no idea what to expect.

Usually, letters that come without a return address are almost never worth opening. It's usually someone who's got a gripe about you, your ministry, or the church but doesn't have the courage to write their name to it.

Anonymous letters like that suck!!! They suck the life and joy out of you.

I've been a pastor now for about twenty years but I've got to say this was the most interesting letter I've ever received.

I opened the letter and there was a short letter that just read, "Dear Little Church, I pray this is a winner for you." And then there was this scratch off lottery ticket!

I've never bought one of these things before. I'd never played before.

I showed the letter to the other pastors and the office staff and we all had a good laugh.

I was originally going to give the lotto ticket to our finance manager as she's the one who deals with financial things, but she was out to lunch.

So, I decided that the staff would all take turns scratching off a section. Who knows? We just might be winners!

But alas, we were not winners.

Well, we're always winners but we just didn't win anything on the card.

So, to whoever sent us this card, "Thank you!"

Thank you for allowing the staff to have a laugh.

Thank you to our anonymous lotto scratch ticket sender.

You rock!

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