Aug 29, 2012

God Only Putted One Arm on My Grandma...HIGH FIVE!!!

Normally, Pastor Brad does the chapel time with the little ones for LCOP Learning Center on Wednesdays. Since he's on vacation, I had the privilege of sharing the love of Christ with the little ones.

I gotta's a whole lot easier preaching to adults than a group of 3-5 year olds!

We sang some songs and I talked to them about how God created each and every one of them just the way he wanted to. Whether we have brown hair or blonde or black, whether it's straight or curly or long, God made us perfect just the way we are.

After chapel was over, the kids were filing out and one of the little 4 year old boys came up to me and said, "When God created my grandma, he only putted one arm...Her name is Liz."

I wasn't quite sure what to say that.

So I was getting ready to say something like, "and he created her that way and because of that she's perfect just the way she is."

But before I could say anything, the little guy lifted his arm and said, "HIGH FIVE!!!" and gave me a big high five with a smile and walked out.

Just like that.

"God only putted one arm on my grandma. Her name is Liz. HIGH FIVE!!!"

Love it!

That's right. One arm, two arms. God is good. HIGH FIVE!

What a fantastic way to live.

Thanks for the awesome God lesson little man!

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