Nov 28, 2012

A New Old Thought

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May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord. (Psalm 19:13).

I've read and heard this verse hundreds, if not thousands of times.

Because I've heard it so often, when I do come across the verse, it has a tendency to get tuned out.

For whatever reason, as I was sipping on my coffee this morning, the truth of this verse struck me like a lightning bolt.

Imagine what your day would be like if every word you spoke and every thought in your heart today was pleasing to God!!!

Seriously...spend a moment thinking about your day...imagine every word that comes out of your mouth being pleasing to God...just think on what it would be like if every thought in your heart was pleasing to God.

Think on that and chew on that thought for a while.

Why, I bet you would have one of the greatest days ever!

I bet, you would live such a life that the people around you couldn't get enough of you, because every word you spoke was pleasing to God, and because your disposition was so God-honoring because every thought was captivated by what would be pleasing to God.

So make this your goal for the day.

I am. 

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