Nov 29, 2012

All I Need to Know In an Uncertain World

Got off a lengthy conference call today with folks from across the country to discuss the goings on in the Presbyterian Church (USA).

We, evangelicals in the PC(USA), certainly find ourselves living in interesting times!!!

As I've been reflecting on where I am and where our church is in relation to our denomination, there are way more questions than there are answers.

But these things I know:
1. God is in charge. No matter what, that will never change. Thank God for that!

2. God doesn't expect any of us to have the answers. What God does expect is our faithfulness.

There are times we can be absolutely faithful and still have no clue what to do about the future. That's where many of us find ourselves today.

  • We hate the thought of leaving the denomination we have been a part of for so long, and yet, continue to find ourselves feeling pushed out. But we don't even know where we're to go. Such is the life of an evangelical in the PC(USA) landscape today. 

3. But it's okay that we don't know what the future holds.

Abraham didn't know where he was going when God called him either. He just knew that God told him that God would show the step at a time. And that was enough for him to embark on a journey that would eventually change everything.

I'm good with that.

I have no idea what the immediate future holds.

I have no idea how everything's going to shake itself out.

But I know God's in charge and that he will continue to show the way.

That's all I need to know. 


Kevin Davis said...

It's just as difficult for me, a PCUSA seminary student (at Union-Charlotte) in the early process of presbytery care. From what I gather, the evangelical churches in our presbytery are heavily leaning toward ECO right now. My pastor is fairly confident that the evangelical wing of the PCUSA will be gutted in the next 2 to 3 years, and we inhabit a relatively evangelical-friendly presbytery (Charlotte). If the evangelicals in Charlotte -- the mother city of Southern Presbyterianism -- leave the PCUSA, then I really don't see anything stopping a full-scale overhaul of the denomination along revisionist lines, with no compromise for conscience. In fact, the recent PJC rulings indicate as much.

On the bright side, I love what you said about Abraham.

James Kim said...

Kevin, I feel for you. I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like to be in the ordination track and going through seminary when the future is so uncertain. But as I said in the blog, I know God's in control. So you stay faithful to your studies and your calling and God will show you the way. I will stay faithful in proclaiming God's word right where I am and God will show the way.

Blessings on your studies and on each of the faithful steps we'll take on our faith journey together.

James <><

Anonymous said...

James, I appreciate your blog post. It inspired me to write my own post, building on your comments. The essence of my post is that we have to "exchange certainties" -- trade what we thought we could base our ministry work on for the most foundational certainties of the faith.

James Kim said...

Rick, thank you for the mention. Even though our times are certainly uncertain, it’s good to know the One who is always present. Blessing to you my friend and your ministry! May God use us both for his Kingdom sake.

Advent Blessings!